[MoMoBangalore] How to add new languages to a mobile handset?

B.G. Mahesh
Sat May 19 11:03:03 IST 2007


Not sure when these vendors will "wake up" and do something about it. 
Contacting these vendors is next to impossible as I am pretty sure 
emails sent on their "Contact Us" page is forwarded to /dev/null :-(

Chintan Shah wrote:
> Mahesh congrats,
> I doubt of phone capable /smart enough of displaying other (internally 
> undefined) language character !
> OEM / Phone Vendors, should device graphic display for each character, 
> with its extensions (say matra's & ....). Hence, they should be having 
> support for a specific language to be displayed correctly instead of 
> junk square box.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Chintan Shah
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> On 5/18/07, *B.G. Mahesh* bg.mahesh at greynium.com 
> bg.mahesh at greynium.com>> wrote:
>     hi
>     We made good progress w.r.t viewing Indian languages on mobile
>     handsets
>     (GPRS only). The catch is that the mobile handset should have
>     built in
>     support for Indian languages. We used a Samsung mobile handset which
>     supported Hindi and Tamil. I would like to know is there anyway to add
>     new languages to a mobile handset? i.e. I would like to add Kannada,
>     Telugu and Malayalam to this handset. Is this doable?
>     regards,
>     --
>     B.G. Mahesh

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