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Fri Sep 29 16:24:23 IST 2006

The prepaid segment has the stigma of "cost concious" attached to them it seems. I would couter that but. From my personal perspective prepaid is much more easier to use especially after they have enabled recharge through internet banking (does not work for Airtel but!). One of the most annoying part of postpaid is the deopsists they require, for STD calls to landline, roaming etc. Although I understood their logic that I could just run away and dissapear without trace after raking up huge bills, I couldnt digest the fact that I am being viewed as a potential "theif".

The only downside is the customer service I guess. But that hardly counts in India.


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Churn is not seen of much importance in the prepaid segment, I guess the
operators expect it. Will get u the exact % of churn in a short while.
Prepaid is adopted largely in the rural areas & by the teen market. Which
are 2 huge pools. Basically because its at a lower price and Indians are
v.price conscious and like to be in control of their expenses.
Postpaid users, on the other hand, are mostly urban - but give more revenue
to the operator. Hence, when they leave, it makes a huge difference. Even if
the postpaid customers form only 30% of the total, they are the pampered

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What about the churn rate? Does anyone have any numbers for european
countries? The bigger question is why do most people prefer prepaid?


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I also have heard stats repeated regularly that say roughly 70% of a mobile
operators' customers are prepaid ones.

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Although the focus of the article is different, I was surprised by the
prepay numbers being quoted there.

"Much of the world relies on prepay billing (between 50-80% of
subscribers in most European countries, for example). This % rises
among key target groups like teenagers."

If that is indeed the case, India is no exception. I prefer prepaid because
of the ease of use. What are your opinions?


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