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Sunil Maheshwari
Wed Sep 27 15:31:47 IST 2006

There is a mention of Mobile for the Rural market.
Yet most topics listed are directed towards solutions for high end devices
which load Symbian, WinCE ,BREW, J2ME etc.
We can probably pull in some discussions about solutions targeting low end
mobile phones.
The chipset vendors have been proposing solution for the sub 20$ phone for
sometime now.
Maybe sometime we can brainstorm on the creative solutions for this market
segment for e.g. location based services, micro finance, download without
JAVA etc.

We are working on innovative platform solutions for low to mid end devices.
Mango Technologies is a young & dynamic company offering efficient,
intuitive and cost effective software solutions for terminal devices. Our
solutions allow both device manufacturers and network operators to quickly
address market requirements with distinguishing features.

Mango Technologies has developed a lightweight, modular application
framework (MangoMMI), which considerably reduces engineering effort and time
spent on development and integration.

We also provide solutions for niche to high volume market requirements,
extending VAS to a range of networks and handsets.

On 9/27/06, Thiyagarajan thiyagarajan at gmail.com> wrote:
>     This is a pretty good meme and the suggested topics are great. I am
> very glad to see that there is some good  conversation going on the list
> unlike before where there is some activity just before the event and then
> list becomes dormant till the next event. J
>    Mahesh hopefully the next one will the last discussion on VAS  (as it
> is the fourth one now J ). About IMS I would really  love a conversation
> around IMS, it would be a good  opportunity for me to know about IMS :) FSS
> (previously HSS) in their Gurgaon office are doing a pretty big project
> since quite some time now on IMS. I don't know if there is an IMS team in
> the bangalore office as well, if somebody has leads to anyone in their
> bangalore office then we could get folks from there to speak about IMS.
>  I suggest that let us make a list of topics and accordingly plan for
> getting speakers & folks interested in discussing about it. Request all to
> suggest topics that they want to be covered at Mobile Monday. I understand
> that MoMo Mumbai has their next 6 months of topics and speakers already
> slotted/booked. We can do something like in Bangalore as well  then we don't
> have announce the events very late like we did the last time J    Also
> along with suggesting a topic it would be great if you could also add
> someone you know who can speak about the topic. Rajiv and myself will go
> speak to that person and invite him to speak at MoMo.
>    To seed the thoughts further here are few of my suggestions.   (Note
> that my personal choice is biased towards the mobile phone side of the
> mobility J  )
>    - Mobile search (One of yahoo, google , ziva can be contacted). Ajay
>    ? (Ziva), Leshika ? (Google), (Yahoo) ?
>    - Mobile Advertising ( Big Ad agencies like OnM, JWT are
>    experimenting a lot, especially Group M is spending a lot of their time on
>    this but to get them to come and speak is a BHAG IMHO. I know it from
>    personal experience :D )
>    - Mobile MVNO ( IMIMobile, Onmobile, 365mobile, ValueFirst ) Only
>    Onmobile is in bangalore, IMIMobile is in hyderabad.
>    - Mobile communities (Mobile Social Software  MoSoSo ???) , yaari
>    ??, 3 moblogging companies Coruscant Tec, Netcore released Mofutu,
>    Mobylog.
>    - Design for mobile (Usability & User experience) - CKS has worked
>    with Nokia for doing some of their mobile design. Any other design team
>    firms. Ruksana would Aditya be interested in doing something related to
>    this.
>    - Mobile Platforms - Qtopia/BREW/Symbian/J2ME/
>       - There is Nokia, Wipro , Emuzed who do a lot of work in
>       Symbian
>       - Qulacomm has an office in Hyderabad/Mumbai
>       - Symbian group itself has an office in bangalore ( opened
>       last year)
>    - Flash on Mobile  - I know adobe is doing a lot of work on this
>    front for the japanese market and this work is being done
>      at the bangalore office. ( Jace IIRC Manish Jethani works on
> Flash(mobile) related stuff, would he be interested in speaking)
>    - Open source on mobile ( Rajiv's Pet Topic) - Rajiv do you want to
>    speak J.
>       - Nokia Series 60 browser
>       - Maemo Platform ( Nokia 7710 )
>    - Location Based Services in Mobiles
>       - A hot  topic, can anyone shed some  light on this.
>    - Mobile Games ( One of the biggest topic, which surprising no one
>    has brought up so far : ))
>        Anyone has any connection with Dhruva, They are the Jamdat of
> India.
>    - A investors night ????? ( Connect interesting mobility demos (
>    only J ) with Angels (maybe VCs as well J  )   - Do it DEMO style
>    but focused in MOBILITY related areas. Some time back a few such meets
>    happened in SV MoMo and they were pretty well received.  KB, Samir, Ganesh
>    -  does this make any sense.
>    - Mobile & Rural India - Jonathan is there something that you could
>    share, if I understand it correctly there is a specific group at MSR related
>    to this.
>    - Social impact of mobile in India – Will try to reach Dina Mehta
>    and ask if she could present something. Are there other mobile related
>    anthropologists and ethnographer working here in Bangalore.
>    - Research in Mobile Technology  ( Possibly from Universities like
>    IIIT-B or IISc ??) - Any IIIT-B/IISc alumnus here ?
> o        Context Aware Application
> o        Mobile Metadata
>    - Mobile widgets ( Widset ) - Folks from nokia can talk about this
>    one. Nokia has an development office in Banashankari, does anyone have any
>    leads here.
>    - Mobile service delivery platforms – If we can contact someone at
>     Airtel Okhla then I can bet that they want to just come and sing about it.
>    It is one of their biggest & most ambitious project.
>    - Mobile payments (mChek, Paymate, NGPay are the players in the
>    mobile payment space)
>  There are plenty of great topics or companies that I have missed largely
> because of my limited knowledge and ignorance, please feel free to add to
> them here.
> Cheers,
> Rajan
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