[MoMoBangalore] GSM Modem.

Yusuf Motiwala
Tue May 15 14:17:14 IST 2007


There are plenty of options available, just google (or alibaba) for
"GSM module". Most comes with RS232/TTL or serial emulation on USB.
Another option we used was to use SE mobile phone with AT commands.
Interface is well documented here for almost all SE phones:


I am not aware of application. IMO, while GSM modem based approach may
work for low volume services, it may turn out to be disappointing for
high volume application. We tried GSM modem approach for an application
and later moved to service provider based option which proved to be
more reliable so far and interface was much easier as we used third
party servers (we could not physically connect GSM modem to the third
party servers).


--- Gautam Saha gautam.saha at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am looking for a GSM Modem which could be used to connect to the
> network using a SIM card.
> Anybody having any info about vendors selling the same, please share
> with me
> the details.Also, do the vendors selling these modems provide any s/w
> toolkit for development (other than the drivers)?
> Also, any idea if "SMS only" SIMs are available from the carriers
> currently?
> Thanks in advance.
> -- 
> Gautam Saha.
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