[MoMoBangalore] Sending SMS which has unicode text

Chintan Shah
Tue May 15 14:16:05 IST 2007

Hi Mahesh,

Unicode is either 8 / 16 / 32 bit data. Typically SMSC / MSSC treats SMS
over its networks as 7-bit data (US-ASCII Range). To send other modes of
data, SMS payload should specify its a binary message and hence SMSC / MSSC
*should *treat it accordingly, otherwise as part of Store & Forward, it may
mess up the payload.

Different ways of doing it:
a) Input your SMS in UCS-2 format. Convert it into corresponding 7-bit data
(UCS -> UTF-7 / UCS to B64 encoding)
and send across the network. At terminating end, reverse the conversion and
you receive UCS-2 payload to be displayed.
b). Send message in binary (Unicode format) informing native SMS Sender; it
as a binary message and wish network sends it without messing up to
terminating end. *We have faced couple of problems in this way of doing it.*

I hope its helpful to you.

Chintan Shah
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On 5/15/07, B.G. Mahesh bg.mahesh at greynium.com> wrote:
> hi
> Oneindia.in publishes content in the four South Indian languages (we
> recently completed 7 years of operations of those channels). We are able
> to browse the Indian language content (which use Unicode font)  on
> handsets which have in-built Indian language font support (we have
> tested on Samsung handsets).
> I tried sending unicode text by email (mobilenumber at airtelkk.com) but we
> received only junk on the handset.
> I would like to know what is the best way of sending Unicode text by
> SMS?  Again, I will assume these handsets have support for these Indian
> language fonts from the vendor itself, so the end user doesn't have to
> install anything additional on the mobile.
> Any pointers is appreciated.
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