[MoMoBangalore] Sending SMS which has unicode text

B.G. Mahesh
Tue May 15 13:43:40 IST 2007


Oneindia.in publishes content in the four South Indian languages (we 
recently completed 7 years of operations of those channels). We are able 
to browse the Indian language content (which use Unicode font)  on 
handsets which have in-built Indian language font support (we have 
tested on Samsung handsets).

I tried sending unicode text by email (mobilenumber at airtelkk.com) but we 
received only junk on the handset.

I would like to know what is the best way of sending Unicode text by 
SMS?  Again, I will assume these handsets have support for these Indian 
language fonts from the vendor itself, so the end user doesn't have to 
install anything additional on the mobile.

Any pointers is appreciated.

B.G. Mahesh   
http://www.click.in/ - - Free Indian Classifieds

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