[MoMoBangalore] Ads on WAP sites

Tue Apr 24 12:52:47 IST 2007

Hi rakesh,

There is this company called Enpocket, which has tied up with operators as a Mobile Advertising partners...They are currently LIVE in Airtel and if you visit Airtel LIVE, there is this 2nd banner slot that is allocated to them. They either run ads from corporates or have tied up with content providers and provide content for downloading...Some of the partners they have tied up with are...ICICI, Visa, Tata AIG, Mauj etc...the only way, currently they are using to differentiate ad banners on WAP with other content banner is of writing the text  Advt.



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Hi Rakesh, 


sure if you are asking about WAP sites in
 India alone in which case I would
first ask are there enough WAP sites and are they getting any hits at all.  I
don’t have any official statistics on it but from whatever I gather I
have not seen many Indian WAP sites in use (I might be totally wrong though).
Inspite of this there are two companies that I know which are mobile ad
networks for Indian market there are many more I am sure. Affle in  Gurgaon
is building mobile ad network for the Indian market working with an Indian
carrier right now and another startup called Mobile Worx (not an Indian but has
an office in Chennai possibly targeting the Indian market as well). 


     Now If your
question is not restricting to the Indian market then are many gazillion of ad
networks , notable among them is admob.com which is causing a wave in the
mobile world by reaching a billion page view in approximately 9 months, others
of notable mention is Third Screen Media. 



IMO WAP Review does a good job of tracking
these http://wapreview.com/blog/ 









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Hi All,

Have heard so much about advertisements on mobile especially on WAP sites but
have'nt actually seen it happening. Is any one aware of any WAP sites which
have ads displayed on it

- Rakesh Agarwal


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