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Wed Sep 27 08:58:09 IST 2006

Hi Jace, 


It is long since due :-)   There are few on the yahoo group and not in the
bangalore at mobilemonday mailing list, will migrate them and retire the yahoo
group by the end of the week. 







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Can you also retire one of the mailing lists? I'm getting two copies of
everything. And maybe if meets could be on any day other than Mondays or
Wednesdays, I could attend too.







On 27/Sep/2006, at 1:43 AM, Rajiv wrote:

Hi Anush,

Thanks for bringing this topic up. We have been talking to our sponsors
regarding a central location where we can hold the events. Till now we
havent been able to get it. But going forward we'll try out best to host it
at a convinient location.



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I would like to request the organisers to have the meet at some central
location. Locations like Airport road are too far who live on the other end
of the city and also a very heavy traffic.

Anush Shetty 

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