[Mobile Monday Mumbai] Low cost solar charger and LEd light solution

Paul Norrish
Wed Nov 29 03:59:36 IST 2006

My name is Paul Norrish and I am worldwide Sales Director for G24
Innovations. We are a UK based company with a manufacturing factory in
the UK which makes a new type of solar (photovoltaic) based on similar
principles to photosynthesis. The product is light weight, flexible,
wafer thin, and most importantly a lot cheaper than existing solar


Our first product to market is a phone charger for the Indian market
which will cost around $S10 and the device will have several additional
add on products, such as a rechargeable battery pack,and an Led light,
so that it offers a source of power but also a source of light.


Mobile phone network operators have spent a lot of money installing
networks, and handset manufacturers have spent a lot of money developing
low cost handsets but even if the network is in place and the customer
has a handset, if the phone has no power then they cannot possibly make
calls each of the companies make less revenue.


This is where we can help , our product can guarantee that clients
always have power no matter where they live. This will mean that there
phone always works and they make more calls, and the operator makes


I am looking for a consultant to help us navigate the Indian mobile
phone market. To connect us with Network operators, Handset
manufacturers and retail partners


Thanks in advance


Paul Norrish



Paul Norrish

Worldwide Sales Director

G24 Innovations

Mobile +44 (0) 7790 030 196

skype name- paulnorrish


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