[Mobile Monday Hyderabad] BarCamp Bangalore is this weekend @ IIM Bangalore

Sean Blagsvedt
Tue Jul 24 19:33:41 IST 2007

Hi MoMo Hyderabad - we figured that folks on this alias may be
interested and we would love to have you....


BarCamp Bangalore is this weekend (July 28 and 29, Sat and Sun) @ IIM

http://barcampbangalore.org/wiki/BCB4_Mobile_Collective - the Mobile
Collective Page - add your name here to register (you are likely to get
hassled by security if you do not register) 

http://barcampbangalore.org/wiki/Main_Page  - the Main Page


To date we have over 750+ confirmed registrations and over 130+ alone in
the mobile collective. If you have not registered and plan to come,
please do so now.


Currently, we have 8 talks scheduled in the mobile collective (and 80+
across BarCamp) but we are certainly looking to have more. In
particular, if you have an interesting technology or startup that you
would like to share with Bangalore's tech community, please give a talk
on it. Anyone can give a talk but we do ask that you prepare and give a
polished 20-30 minute talk with time for questions. 


The current sessions:

1.      Ashish Sinha pluGGd.in http://www.pluggd.in> :: Mobile
Monetization models 
2.      GPRS, Mobile and you - :-) I think this is a must needed session
- is anybody ready to join me? Vinu http://vinu.wordpress.com/>  

        *       Free Software used to send SMS from mobile via PC 
        *       FrontlineSMS http://frontlinesms.kiwanja.net/>  Vinu
http://barcampbangalore.org/wiki/User:Vinu>  - I am trying to get Ken
from the site on a skype call for sometime. 

3.      Vivek Khurana :: FOSS based mobile phone distibutions.
Openembedded, angstrom, openmoko etc. 
4.      Ranganath.S:ranganaths at gmail.com ::
http://www.ranganaths.wordpress.com :: Integrating Enterprise Apps with
Mobile Apps. 
5.      Jonathan Donner, Researcher, Microsoft Research India ::
http://research.microsoft.com/%7Ejdonner/>  :: Mobile user research in
urban India: linking micro-contexts and use patterns 
6.      Sean Blagsvedt, CEO, Babajob, :: http://Babalife.com ::
Introducing Babalife.com (or why India does need another mobile social
networking site) 
7.      Vishnu Sunderam, CTO, Interchain :: http://www.gpswatcher.com/
:: GPS enable your mobile phones (Discussion on the endless
possibilities with Mobile GPS application like GPSWatch) 
8.      Siddhartha Reddy & Dhayanithi Subramaniam Zook.in :: Mobile
Search 101 - The Whys, Hows and Therefore of it all... 


This weekend is looking to be very interesting and the biggest Barcamp
Bangalore's ever had (and we've heard whispers that it may be the
largest Barcamp in any city honestly) with a significant amount of
international press also in attendance. 


Hope to see you there. 


CEO, babajob.com 


PS. The session schedule will get clearer over the week and get
finalized on Saturday morning where speakers give a 30 second pitch and
then add their talk to a conference room slot and time (usually 30
minutes) on a central bulletin board (which is also copied by volunteers
to the Barcamp wiki). Participants then consult the bulletin board/wiki
to find the talks that interest them.  As usual, check the Barcamp wiki
for updates.



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