[MoMoBangalore] how-to Q: deviceanywhere.com like phone hot-wiring/hacking ?

Banibrata Dutta
Thu Apr 2 15:38:24 IST 2009

Any pointers (websites, shops, people, hobby-groups...) that do (or teach
you to DIY), GSM/CDMA mobile phone hot-wiring ?
Since 'hot-wiring' is an absolute vague-term, so let me explain the
objective --
1) To be able to drill holes in the body of phones, s.t. battery is replaced
by permanent DC power sources (wired)
2) To be able to connect the phone's speaker (Speaker/headset mode) to
mic-in/line-in of PC, and the phone's mic to line-out/headphones socket of
PC sound-card
3) To be able to connect to the phone to be able to control it's operations,
esply to make/receive phone calls/SMS under PC control, even for devices
that do not have a PC-connectivity option built-in ... i don't mind drilling
holes or even ripping the whole thing apart, for as long as it work, under
PC control.

... pretty much like what Deviceanywhere.com folks do. While they do it for
every conceivable phone, I'd be happy to live with being able to do so with
absolutely lowend Motorola and Nokia handsets. In a way, those handsets
which typically don't have a PC-connectivity option natively.

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