[MoMoBangalore] Bulk SMS providers in India -- what is the real mystery?

Mon Aug 4 22:07:52 IST 2008

I have been looking at Bulk SMS providers in India and the whole area seems
quite interesting. A simple google search yields umpteen number of results (
and I can very well imagine there is one company who is reselling this to
lots of other companies since I called up a bunch of them and they didn't
seem like people who would have knowledge of the SMPP protocol enough to
write an app that talks to say an Airtel.

I was wondering what it really takes to talk to the Airtel/Vodafone gateway
directly for sending and receiving SMS (not that I want to do, but just
curious). Personally, I would be very happy to use any of the bulk SMS
providers for my purpose since they let you change the FROM name in the SMS
to whatever you specify -- but given that there are just so many of them, I
am wondering what the real deal is -- I am sure it will make for an
interesting story and guess somebody in OCC/Barcamp/Momo lists would
definitely know.

Some questions:
- Who is (are?) the top level resellers who are providing the technology
back-end to all thse small mushrooming players (it definitely is a good
business model) ?
- What does it take to get a direct reseller account with national level
telecom providers ?
- Somebody has really smartly written the software that can be used by all
these resellers, my hats off to that person for a perfect marketing plan ;-)

Cheers, -k
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