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First Message: We will start with some data aggregation for the GPRS
in India

A)Feb 10, 2007
Although SMS still dominates the value-added services, its market is
slowly saturating. But there is lot of potential for sophisticated
applications. About 15 per cent of the mobile phone subscriber base in
India (140 million users) is on the GPRS platform that enables such
applications," says Mr Nair.


B) February 22nd, 2007
There are over 156 million mobile subscribers in India. According to
industry estimates, around 10% of mobile subscribers in metros use
GPRS facility and 2-3% in tier II and III cities have hooked on to
GPRS facility, which allows fast internet access on mobiles.

Reference: IDC India

C) 6 Oct, 2007
"over a fifth of India's 200 million-plus mobile subscribers use their
cellphones to log  in to their favourite websites"

D) October 29, 2007
"The number of Indian consumers connecting to the Internet via cell
phones more than doubled, to 38 million from 16 million just last
year, according to a report by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of
India (TRAI). "Mobile Internet is increasingly becoming a popular
feature in India today," says Diptarup Chakraborti, principal analyst
at Gartner Research (IT)"


I have just aggregated the information. We can arrive at some
conclusion with the aggregated bits of information.

Thanks & regards

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