[MoMoBangalore] Views on future of mobile internet in India

Wed Oct 10 23:23:21 IST 2007

I dont understand mobile technologies so very much, I recently started using GPRS on my mobile and am generally interested to know a few things in this space.

While poor GPRS connectivity surely inhibits mobile internet penetration, how does it compare against the issues with the device support? 

For me, I have no issues with GPRS for the 10 minutes that I use to check yahoo mail each day, but what annoys me is the fact that i can't get the gmail mobile application to work on my sony ericsson mobile. I guess you would agree with me that most people would want to use mobile internet on the go, and as somebody said GPRS could hopefully get better, but if I can't use my favourite application I would feel sad. The application can be a java app that doesn't run due to incompatible/buggy java support, or even a web-site accessed from the buggy wap browser.I am left with no option but to buy a new phone, but I would prefer calling mobile internet as luxury and deactivate GPRS. I am sure very few of you think like me -- am curious to know your views of the impact of poor device support on the mobile internet penetration.

"B.G. Mahesh" bg.mahesh at greynium.com> wrote: Rakesh Agarwal wrote:
> Well I have tried to force myself to do browsing on mobile or use 
> application which uses GPRS but it has been extremely frustrating, 50% 
> of times I get error "Data Server Not available" either at the start 
> of the application/browser or in between, while a page is loading.

I don't know why the telecom operators are not paying enough attention 
to GPRS. Unless the service becomes better people will not sign up and 
the telecom operator doesn't want to do anything about it unless he has 
a bigger user base (chicken and egg problem)

I am sure few on this mailing list are from 
Airtel/Vodafone/Spice/Reliance. I hope they are listening.

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