[MoMoBangalore] Introducing a JOB Board for Telecom/Mobile VAS Professionals

Sidhartha Bezbora
Sun May 27 23:08:59 IST 2007

Dear all,
  I have been maintaining successfully a India specific mobile vas blog for quite some time now by the name of http://www.WirelessDuniya.com with a significant reader base of mobile professionals.
Because of the growing demand for Telecom/Mobile VAS jobs and resources, the industry needs a place where one can find such jobs and candidates. To meet this growing need I have launched a Free Job Board for Mobile VAS jobs in my blog WirelessDuniya. Here one can post jobs and look for such jobs.
  I encourage you all in the Mobile VAS /Telecom field to post jobs and search for jobs. So let your HR managers know about it and use this board to attract good talent from the mobile industry.
For details visit http://www.wirelessduniya.com/
Let me know your feedback too.
  Sidhartha Bezbora

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