[MoMoBangalore] SIM Application Toolkit (STK) API implementation in Java

kallol borah
Thu May 24 19:36:48 IST 2007

I am very new to SIM programming. I have not programmed anything yet but am
trying to do a proof of concept app.
I was reading up on the SIM Application Toolkit (STK) spec and then looked
at implementations in Java cards.
I found a Java card implementation of the STK APIs but I am confused because
I still could not understand how I can implement simple things like -
displaying a form (where users can input data) or reading SMS messages from
SIM cards. The Java card implementation in 2 packages (sim.toolkit and
sim.access) has APIs that are also difficult to understand.

Can anyone tell me if I am looking at something entirely wrong ? Where would
I find the APIs to do these simple things - more specifically, it would be
great if you could tell me if a STK application can read/parse a SMS text
msg in XML format and display the contents in a form.

I wonder, after seeing the Java card implementations of the STK APIs, if
using a visual programming environment would be better to program SIM cards
than implementing Java cardlets - is that a norm or an exception ?

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