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Kesava Reddy
Thu May 17 14:20:55 IST 2007

In April it was there in Bangalore.
If I am right, It was on April 19th.


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Dear Chintan,

          As per NASSCOM web link 

two cities Pune & Delhi has these events. 
            21 May, 2007                                 Product Startups: Escaping Early Stage Traps                       Pune                            10:00 AM To 5:30 PM                                 Products Forum          
             Free For All                                       22 May, 2007                                 Product Startups: Escaping Early Stage Traps                       New Delhi                            10:00 AM To 5:30 PM                                 Products Forum                       Free For All


Chintan Mehta chintanm at yahoo.com> wrote: 
                                    Can we organize something like this in other cities. I am certain this will get excellent participation in most cities like Bangalore, Mumbai...
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 Subject: [momoindia] [off
 topic]Pune, May 21: NASSCOM Workshop for Product Startups: Escaping Early Stage Traps
 Hi Guys,
        NASSCOM is hosting a workshop on "Product Startups: Escaping
  Early Stage Traps" in Pune on May 21st, esp useful for early stage start ups and ventures in the product space. Pls read on...
 Vijay Anand vijay at vijayanand. name> wrote:

 Fabulous work on the Barcamp organizations so far. I got this email from someone I know in NASSCOM. it seems that there is a workshop happening for those interested in setting up their own company. Can you forward it to those on the mailing list, and perhaps they might find it interesting? It might be
 even worthwhile to make a short post on the blog. 
 Proto.in http://Proto. in> 
 Dear Members,
 NASSCOM presents the first series of its workshops focused at the ICT Product companies and the eco system in India  . Please do nominate senior members from your organization or please feel free to circulate this to entrepreneurs in the product space. 
 *On feedback and request from members and young startup companies, we have made the registration to the workshop free of cost. However we would appreciate 2 registrations/ participants per company and a brief profile of your organization to be sent across to us.
 NASSCOM plans to host a series of such workshops to help catalyise the product eco system in India  . 
 Naveen Raju
                "Product Startups: Escaping   Early Stage Traps"  
                   http://www.nasscom. in/indiaisit>   
           Monday, 21st May 2007     
 NASSCOM   presents a workshop  for Product Startups "Escaping Early Stage Traps" 
 Early-stage companies are often short of   money and need to get traction with early-adopter customers and venture investors.   This is a particularly challenging period for the startup. There are
 three   traps that they commonly fall into. These relate to product architecture,   go-to-market strategy and building out of the core team. This workshop   explains these traps and shows startups how to navigate them. 
 Target   audience: Early-stage product   companies. 

 This workshop is part of NASSCOM's   Product Initiatives for Early-stage Product Companies, Entrepreneurs, Product   teams and Incubating companies.
 We look forward to see you.
 Best Regards,
 Anusua   Diya Chowdhury
    NASSCOM ˆ Pune
 Workshop   Overview
           1000     hrs to 1015 hrs   

           1015 hrs to 1030 hrs  

           1030 hrs to 1330 hrs  
     ·             Typical product startup lifecycle
      ·             Chicken & Egg Problem: Customers &     Investors
      ·             The three underlying traps ˆ with     examples
      ·             Escaping the traps
      o            Making hard choices in the product and product     architecture
      o            Winning early-adopter customers
      o            Balancing the Leadership Team
      ·             Group exercises
             How to be investor ready?
      ·             Panel discussion summarizing key ideas
           1330 hrs to 1430 hrs
      1430 hrs to 1730 hrs
                  Networking and Lunch 
      Workshop Continues
 Workshop   team
 ·            Anal   Jain (Chair)
 ·             Prat Moghe http://tizor. com/about- us/Management. cfm>    (Co-chair)
 In addition to the above two anchors, NASSCOM   has invited the following experts from the product ecosystem to share their   experience.
 ·        Vishwas   Mahajan, CEO, Compulink Systems Ltd.
 This workshop has limited seats in order
   to ensure high degree of participation and involvement from the attending   delegates. Registration is on a first-come basis. 
 Kindly fill in the attached form and   required details, as it would enable the anchors to add in specifics based on   the participants' profiles. Registration shall be confirmed only upon   receiving the details. Kindly send us the details to diya at nasscom. in    and mark a copy to Naveen at nasscom. in   
 The workshop is free for members and non   members
             Who Should Attend
             ·               CEOs     & CTOs of Product Startups,
      ·               Product     Entrepreneurs,
      ·               Incubating     Companies,
      ·               Product     team members in companies  
             Hotel     : Sun n Sand, Bund       Garden
      Hall :     Peshwa II
             Free for Members and Non members. 
      Kindly note: Registration of
 2 participants per     Organization / Product team
      Send     in your registrations on diya at nasscom. in        and mark a cc to Naveen at nasscom. in         
    http://www.nasscom. in/>                                                                   © 2006 NASSCOM.   All Rights Reserved  



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