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Arpit Agarwal
Mon May 14 15:20:26 IST 2007

This is a follow up on the information about TED I floated in this list a while ago. I receieved a lot of requests and so I scaled my capacity up.
Kesava (mkreddy_in at yahoo.co.in) has facilitated writing of DVDs commercially. Each ready TED-Talk DVD with 73 20-min talks costs Rs.60. You can either pay him or me by cash or transfer the amount to his ICICI a/c # 004701019649 (Kesava Reddy M). Ask me for a UTI Bank or a Citibank account, if you prefer that. We will then have to sync over a coffee when you can take the DVD from me or him. I work in Richmond area and he works out of HSR Layout.
We also have some good news for non-Bangalore residents. We have figured out a way in which a DVD can be delivered to you by SpeedPost, if you can pay Rs.100 and send your postal address to me or Kesava. 
For starters, TED (http://www.ted.com) is an amazing congregation of inspiring ideas and speakers from all over the world. All their talks are available for free on their website. When I got my hands on a DVD collection of TED talks, I thought I need to propagate. 
We believe in this cause of spreading ideas immensely. So, our effort is entirely non-commercial. Please forward our message to all others you think would be interested.
Thanks and regards,

PS: Not so long ago, my parents bought a collection of spiritual books to be distributed among people we know. I felt this (TED) is almost as spiritual and beneficial for our society. You may consider it as a good gift for a youth you wish to inspire to think big! :)

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