[MoMoBangalore] [Off topic but good] TED: Ideas worth spreading

Arpit Agarwal
Mon May 7 15:52:19 IST 2007

I am not sure how many of your are aware of this amazing thing called TED (www.ted.com). This is an annual conference where thought leaders of the world speak about their work and future. The videos are available online for free. The best part is that they distribute DVDs free to all educational institutions in developing countries. 
As for the talks, you don't have to take my word for them being fantastically inspiring. Please pay a visit to their website www.ted.com and I am sure you would be glad that you did. 
If you like the idea, there are a few things TED suggests here (http://www.ted.com/index.php/pages/view/id/21). 
Besides, there is something that I can offer you. I have a DVD collection of 73 of these 20 min talks, gifted by a friend (Abhay Saraf). This archive can turn an idle hour or two on a weekend into the most productive time of the week. Interested people in Bangalore can copy the DVD from me. Contact me at this email or +91 98808 26363. Also feel free to forward this email to all people you are concerned about. 
I watched 4 of these videos over this weekend. I aver that these talks opened my mind wide apart and changed the way I look at the world and its problems. I, honestly, made the most constructive use of a weekend - perhaps, even more than reading a good book! :)

PS1: No, TED is NOT paying me anything for doing this! ;)
PS2: Sorry for posting off topic. I just wish millions of people to get benefited by this idea.

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