[MoMoBangalore] Mobile, GSM Modem, SMS gateway

janakiram ganesan
Wed May 2 14:22:41 IST 2007


Last week, we had some discussions about the SMS gateways. My cousin is
planning for a SMS application for his company,
Can you guys please answer for some questions

1) Links sent last week to this mailing list are pure software for the SMS
gateway. Can you list SMS gateway hardware
products available in India?
[We are able to find out only Tata Indicom with 5000 Rs initial setup cost
and 750+ per month. Recurring cost is heavy]

2) Best GSM/CDMA Modem in India and the cost of it

3) Is there any special service given by operators like AIRTEL, HUTCH for
GSM modem or we have to get the mobile service
with call facility?

4) What phones are best suitable for GSM Modem , I know there are some
problem like 24 hour battery charging etc.
(Tested by anyone)

Thanks in advance
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