[MoMoBangalore] Project work //Clarification//

Madanmohan Rao
Tue Jun 5 05:25:35 IST 2007

Sorry; Azadeh will be in India starting August 
2007 for a semester (not Jan 2008 as stated 
earlier). Apologies for the confusion.....    :-(

  - madan


Dear friends,

Greetings from Malmo, southern Sweden! I would 
like to introduce you online to Azadeh Mohammadi 
(cc'ed above), a designer/student from 
Sweden/Iran who plans to be in India in Jan 2008 
for a semester, and is looking for project work 
in mobile/interaction design for her master’s project.
Azadeh would be happy to send you details; please 
do let her know of opportunities in your 
organisation, or of others who may be interested in working with her.
Thanks a ton
..     :-)

  - madan

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