[Mobile Monday Bangalore] Some Thoughts on MoMo

Thu Feb 22 11:18:16 IST 2007

Hi All, 


This has been a mail I had wanted to send across since long now. Some
thoughts on MoMo that I wanted share, discuss and debate.  


First of all I am very happy to see that recently there is some good
discussion happening in the list , the list otherwise was just being used
for the purpose of announcement which makes it pretty boring. The value of
any community/forum is in the (rich) interaction it has so I encourage you
to initiate and engage in more discussions. Do share any knowledge/lessons
that you think  others in the community might benefit from. In another
mobile related forum that I am subscribed to 'forumoxford' (a global forum)
I receive more than 15-20 posts daily, At times it is little difficult to
keep up with it but the knowledge that I receive from there is superb. Folks
like Ajit Jaokar, Tomi Ahonen, Jag Minhas, Daniel and other great folks
share a great deal of their thoughts and experiences which is very
informative and educational. I would love to see such intense and thoughtful
discussions happening in this list.



Also I am very happy to tell you that the number of members subscribed to
the list has almost doubled from 150 to more than 300 in the last two
months. Which goes to show that word about MoMo is spreading and more folks
are interested in getting involved. :) 


     We received less than encouraging response for MoMo Global peer awards
at 3GSM.  At the last moment Rajiv and myself had to nominate ourselves and
am happy to say that mChek bagged the third position in audience award for
MoMo Global Peer Awards. We wanted to have the community members to have the
say on the nomination but were very dissappointed :( on the lack of response
even though we have had kicked off the topic of peer awards since early
december last year.  The next event that would happen on global is 'MoMo
Global' held every year in June in Finland, there are nominations for best
product/company to be sent from every chapter. We hope to see more
participation from the members in sending nominations :) 



As Rajiv mentioned the responses that we received for demos has been great
and we have 5 demos already lined up 


Feb - Inactiv, Motvik

Mar - Sloka, Mango Technologies

Apr - Jataayu, ?


  Also we have been able to come up with a tentative list of speakers for
the next few months. 


Feb - Wifi, Tonse Telecom 

Mar - Google

Apr - CKS/Vanu

May - Ducont

Jun - E & Y


  If you would like to sponsor, give a talk or show a demo do let us know so
that we can schedule it accordingly. Also do let us know what are the topics
that you would like to be covered in future MoMo's so that we can look for
appropriate speakers. 


One thing that I have noted is that there are hardly any technical
discussions that happen in this list.  I am sure that many in the list are
working on one or the other mobile related technology and can help out in
solving someone else's technical queries. We could either have more
discussions of technical nature in this list itself or have seperate
J2ME/Symbian/BREW etc developer forums/lists to have more technical
discussions.  Would like to know what do you all think ? 


Needless to say that Rajiv and myself could use a lot of help in making MoMo
better and more interesting (meetings, interactions, discussions), with
Rajiv and myself running a startup of our own it is quite challenging for us
to get things done for MoMo. Also I would like to take this opportunity to
recognize Aditya, Keshav, Mahesh, Raja, Ritesh and Werner whose
contributions have been extremely valuable in organizing the MoMo events.
Guys you rock !! Keep up the good work going !  


Overall we request more participation from you all.  After you attend an
event do try to do any of these - write a blog, kick off a follow up
discussion on the list,  upload pictures to flickr and videos to youtube. 





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