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I think I do this many times in trying to write very quickly introduce a lot
of spelling mistakes. Sorry about that !




     Thanks for the link.  I have come across the SHG MIS application before
and being a big fan of camera phones I liked the application/concept very
much. Btw would you know of how this experiment ( or other mentioned
experiments) fared (any preliminary results),  a camera phone like the 6600
still costs about Rs 8000 today which is a lot of money. 









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 Thanks for the Link Rajan,

I guess there are some initiatives in India that make use of mobile phones
for micro finance and entrepreneurship. They may still be in the research

this is one such project:

for white paper: http://www.cs.washington.edu/homes/tapan/app.html


Design Researcher
Motorola India Research Labs

     I wonder what could be the hurdle for Grameen bank kind of concept to
take off in India. Talking about mobile impacting the GDP this really a
fantastic example.  Finally I think is probably one ( or the only)
technology which affects the lives large % of the global population,
otherwise in the technology world most of the changes or disuprtions that we
talk about probably just impact about just 1% of the world. 


 Funnily the article talks about Bangladesh but most images shown seem to be
shot in India. 







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