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           Much of the Indian Language computing that I know has been
focusing on the PC and have not really looked at mobile :-) . Nonetheless
here is some work being done by C-DAC in the area of Indian language for
mobile phones. http://www.cdac.in/HTmL/GIsT/c_applications.asp . 





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Low cost handset is not just about bringing down the cost but at the same
time you need to add flexibility, more features at the same cost. India is
adding close to 40M subscriber every year and you can't fulfill that demand
just by second hand handsets.

Projection for sub 1000RS. phones for Indian market is around 150-180M
handset by 2008 and there is a very thin line between low cost and entry
level handset. Chipset vendors are already shipping GSM modules around 5$.

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